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Application industry Instructions
Medicine / chemical synthesis Potassium hydrogen sulfate is the preparation of ketone peroxide (Dioxirasnes) series of catalysts such as DMD, TFD basic raw materials, ketone peroxide with its mild reaction conditions, efficient oxidation activity, excellent selectivity and opened up the asymmetric reaction and natural drug synthesis of the new path. Asymmetric reaction of olefin catalyst can be in situ oxidation of chiral amine, chiral imine salt polymerization initiator, vinyl acetate, ethyl acrylate and acrylonitrile polymerization; vinyl monomer polymerization; adhesives, Reconcilers.
Printed circuit board PCB / metal surface treatment Copper plate surface cleaning agent, micro-etching agent, black processing aids
Disinfection / animal breeding industry Animal environment disinfection, aquaculture water treatment, can kill almost all the zoonotic diseases of bacteria and viruses, foot and mouth disease, avian flu, SARS and so have an excellent role in the killing.
Pool / SPA treatment Swimming pool disinfection and water shock treatment (SHOCKS), rapid removal of urea and other organic matter, water purification, improve ORP.
Wool clothing industry High-quality wool anti-shrink agent
Oil, petrochemical, metal plating business sewage treatment, waste gas treatment. Flocculants, cleaning agents, oilfield, petrochemical, building materials industry with polymer wastewater treatment, sulfur recovery, oil fracturing aids
Cosmetics, daily chemicals Bleach formula, denture cleaning agent, toilet cleaning agent, hair dye
Paper industry Waste paper deinked pulp bleached, oxidized starch manufacturing.

Hospitals, homes, poultry and aquaculture disinfectants and water quality improvers, soil improvement and remediation / agricultural disinfectants, tap water pre-oxidation, disinfection and sewage treatment , swimming pools and SPA water treatment, electronics micro etchants, wood cleaning ,Paper industry ,food industry , wool shrinkage treatment, cosmetics and daily chemicals.
Potassium monopersulfate, OXONE,CAROAT, Potassium peroxymonosulfate,삼종염,옥손, monopersulfao potasio,