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Aquaculture Field

Main Ingredients: PMPS(10%, 20%,50%), Oxidizer, chelating agent, stabilizer

Description: tablet or powder

Package: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 40kg, etc.

Special Tips:

This product is the latest generation of the latest generation of active oxygen water quality improver in the world. It integrates high efficiency, safety and environmental protection, and meets the modern people's demands for green health in the breeding industry. This product adopts the most advanced film-forming and granulation processing technology in the country. It can quickly sink into the bottom of the water, release the active ingredients slowly, release the active ingredients from the bottom up, and promote the overall improvement of the water body while the action time is lengthened. In addition, the content of heavy metal ions in water, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, algae toxin and other harmful substances are reduced by the reaction. At the same time, it can additionally increase the active oxygen content in the water, improve the living environment of aquatic products, and reduce the incidence rate.

Usage and Dosage:

The whole pool is evenly dried and applied throughout the day. Dosage: 100-150 grams per mu; black, odor, bottom heat, detoxification, deodorization, 200-250 grams per mu; treatment of black water, old green water, red tide water, etc. 200 grams per mu, used again every other day. It can be combined with the use of microbial preparations to improve the aquaculture water environment in a comprehensive and long-term manner.

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