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Getting to know to the greatest extent possible the needs of both customers and market, so as to anticipate their requests.
Getting ready for market challenges by gaining deeper field knowledge.
Aiming to increase our customers' satisfaction.
Carrying out material and process inspections at the beginning of each operation, so as to stimulate a prevention-oriented attitude rather than a mistakes' correction approach.

Proper use and of the company's resources and means.
Involvement of the whole staff in the company's development projects to increase the personnel awareness.
Stimulating and encouraging the personnel towards more ambitious goals. Shaping a respectful and co-operative working environment.
Working in accordance with the company values and mission, under the applicable legislation.

Ensuring the compliance of the products with the contractual terms and monitoring the customer satisfaction level to zero possible process weaknesses.
Developing technologically advanced products and services.
Increasing the added value for each operation by minimizing inefficiency and waste, thus fostering growth and – consequently – investments capability and safeguard of working places.
Enhancing a culture of quality among the personnel.

Setting measurable target parameters for each critical operation affecting the quality of products and service, and keeping the positions in the related distribution lists updated and properly trained.
Carrying out periodical monitor audits on the target parameters, recording the respective checks reports and taking the necessary measures in case of nonconformity.
Supply the human, financial, technological and logistic resources required for the achievement of the defined objectives.

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