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Hot sale potassium monopersulfate tripe salt as antibectirial drugs for aquatic animal

The Active Ingredient of potassium Monopersulfate is potassium Peroxymonosulfate which is present as a component of triple salt including potassium monopersulfate,potassium sulfate and potassium bisulfate with the formula 2KHSO5·KHS04·K2S04 , It is a white, odourless, crystalline, free-flowing solid powder. It is decomposed exceed 60 degree . It is highly and readily soluble in water and corrosive . It provides powerful non-chlorine oxidation and microbiological effectiveness for a wide variety of industrial and consumer uses. It has the particular advantage of being highly stable in storage, easy and safe to handle.
potassium monopersulfate tripe salt  Applications
Disinfectant:In swimming pools and spas for the purpose of reducing the organic content of the water.
Printed Circuit Board Etching:It is used as a micro-etching for cleaning and preparing copper printed wiring board surfaces.
Paper Recycling:It is a convenient and effective processing aid for re-pulping wet strength resin or secondary fiber furnish.
Textile:It is used as an oxidizer for the treatment of wool to prepare it for the application of shrink-proofing resins and laundry bleach.
Others:Denture cleansers; Plaster Additive; Auxiliary Agent in organic synthesis; Carpet Browning and water decontamination.


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