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What are the different dosage forms of potassium peroxymonosulfate and the faring problems to different formulations?

At present, Shu Mei biological potassium persulfate powder and tablets, powder 50% content of purple powder (antibacterial detoxification spirit), 500 grams / bag or bottle packaging. Tablets were divided into two kinds of sustained-release tablets and effervescent tablets, according to the different content, tablet specifications are 10% white tablets, 10% yellow tablets (detoxification at the end of tablets), 20% white tablets (strong bottom change) 30% effervescent tablet preparation, 50% effervescent tablet preparation.
Powder is mainly used for water treatment and disease prevention and control, because the powder for the water, from top to bottom to improve water quality, kill pathogens, concentrated water, red water, algae after floating film, Vibrio and other breeding problems with excellent Improved function. At present, the best effect of 50% of the composite powder, which is complex with a buffer system, surfactants, stabilizers and other ingredients, the effect of stable and lasting.

Tablets are mainly used for bottom and bottom deodorization, granular formulations to make potassium persulfate mainly at the bottom of the function, reduce the bottom of the organic concentration, improve the oxidation and reduction potential, to improve the role of the substrate. There are two kinds of formulations, one is the ordinary film, there are three kinds of specifications in the market circulation, respectively, 10% white, 10% yellow film, 20% white, but the market a lot of manufacturers selling 5% 5% of the tablet has a certain change in the end function, and the price is low, the manufacturers in order to profit posing as 10% of the content, often become the main push products, but from the cost considerations, personally think that for aquaculture in the end of 10% The current cost-effective the highest. 20% of the tablets are mainly to make differentiated, higher prices. Different manufacturers have different business strategy, the effect of their products are also very different.

The effervescent tablets of tablets are a new dosage form designed by our company based on the activity characteristics of benthic animals, and are in a leading position in aquaculture dosage forms. Mainly for the bottom of the "poisonous layer." Aquaculture after a period of time, the bottom of the water body in a large number of organic matter and micro-organisms, the concentration of these organic matter and microbial activities on the upper body of a huge impact on the layer of living in the biological impact of living animals. The water body ranges from 30-50 cm to the surface of the sediment. This aquifer is a living place for benthic animals (shrimp, crabs, loach, etc.) and a place of manufacture of toxic substances. When the organic matter concentration is high, dissolved oxygen is insufficient, the layer will appear a lot of ammonia nitrogen, sub-salt, hydrogen sulfide, harmful bacteria breeding, sediment surface black fever phenomenon. We call the water layer "as a poisonous layer". Effervescent tablets into the water after the fall into the bottom of the reaction with the water, resulting in bubbles, and potassium persulfate and other effective substances evenly released to the "toxic layer", so that the layer of harmful substances quickly degraded to maintain the animal Good environment. Shrimp stealing, shrimp and crab slow material, black gills, red, etc., etc. are often present in the breeding, which is mainly "poisonous layer" toxic substances caused by too much shrimp and crab caused by the use of potassium persulfate effervescent tablets Can effectively alleviate or even solve such problems. Contact mail: hk8866@hotmail.com/ whatsapp +8618332108399

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