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What is the value of Potassium Monopersulfate triple salts in aquaculture?

With the popularity of other oxidizing agents (such as potassium permanganate, strong chlorine, bleaching powder, etc.), fungicides (quaternary ammonium salts, aldehydes, etc.) in aquaculture, side effects are gradually recognized (such as stress, , Residual, etc.), Potassium peroxymonosulfate in a safe, non-stimulating, no residue, efficient image into the aquaculture industry, in the shrimp farming and special fish farming in the rapid development, and the use of customer base for the quality of customer base, which shows Potassium persulfate in the aquaculture industry began to play a function can not be ignored.

Comprehensive application of its effects, mainly in the following areas:

1) Substrate improvement (oxidation, detoxification): Potassium monopersulfate potential up to 1.85V, the oxidation capacity of more than chlorine dioxide, potassium permanganate, strong chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and most of the oxidant, the potential Value can oxidize most of the organic matter, reduce the oxygen consumption factor, reduce the bottom of the oxygen debt; and can oxidize the water in the bivalent iron into trivalent iron, divalent manganese into manganese dioxide, nitrite into nitrate, hydrogen sulfide Sulfide into sulphate, to eliminate these substances on the damage of aquatic animals, repair sediment black hair smelly phenomenon; the same time, potassium persulfate can be used after the chlorine agent residues of chloramine degradation, reduce toxic residues. It can be said that Potassium monopersulfate tablets is the best substrate improvement products, is currently the main manufacturers of the main push of the end of the product, in the South American white shrimp, loach, eel, catfish, crabs and other benthic animal breeding process prospects huge. According to the composition of the test, the market circulation of potassium persulfate products to low-end products, that is, content of 5%, 10% for the most. If the development and application of high-end products, such as my 50% of the antibacterial detoxification tablets, because the effervescent tablets high concentration of instant release, product disinfection effect will be more obvious, customer recognition will be greatly improved.

2) sterilization: in the course of the disease, farmers use a variety of disinfectants still can not cure the disease, the main reason is the long-term use of the same disinfectant lead to pathogen resistance. Potassium hydrogen peroxymonosulfate
due to its unique bactericidal mechanism, will not make bacteria, viruses produce resistance. At the same time, because of its fish and shrimp safe concentration higher than 100mg / L, normal dosage or more than 2-3 times the amount of fish will not bring any stress. Therefore, in the fish and shabby refractory disease can not be treated, you can try for 2 times the use of potassium persulfate products, can kill chlorine preparations or surfactants can not kill the pathogens, to achieve the purpose of disease treatment. At the same time, in the special fish, shrimp, fry and other precious aquatic products during the breeding process, for the prevention of Vibrio, bleeding and other diseases, the use of potassium hydrogen persulfate compound salt products can achieve better preventive effect, Pathogens cause drug resistance, and have a good effect on water quality improvement.

3) water quality improvement: Potassium hydrogen sulfate can not only kill algae and other plankton, but also to eliminate algal toxins and other biological toxins, often used in human and livestock and poultry drinking water treatment, mild nature, good security. Pond culture, the water is not only the living places of fish, but also feces, bait and other "garbage" processing sites. Due to the high density of aquaculture, water self-purification capacity is limited, water quality often abnormal, such as black water stinking water, thick green water, algae and other conditions. Potassium persulfate has strong oxidizing properties, can supplement the lack of active oxygen in water, while oxidation due to lack of oxygen accumulation of organic matter, ammonia, sub-salt, hydrogen sulfide and other substances harmful to fish, to achieve the purpose of water quality management. In addition, Potassium monopersulfate salt on the algae, blooming conditions released a large number of algal toxins have a good degradation. Therefore, the general use of Potassium peroxymonosulfate after the water quality has become fresh. If the water problem caused by fish anorexia phenomenon, with potassium hydrogen sulfate composite powder has an excellent effect. These aspects of the function is gradually being found by the user, coupled with its good bactericidal effect, therefore, potassium persulfate composite powder promotion gradually smooth. Contact mail: hk8866@hotmail.com / whatsapp +8618332108399

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