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Water Treatment

Dissolved into 1%~2% solution.

Example 200L dosing equipment: 2kg of the poison was added to the dissolution tank, 200L of water was added, and the mixture was stirred until dissolved. Then the concentration of this solution is 1%.

Addition amount:

Quantitative dosing according to test results.

Generally 5~10g/ton can meet the requirements.

Bactericidal characteristics:

The active oxygen concentration of this product can reach 8~10%. It only takes 10~20 minutes to contact with water to kill bacteria effectively and 72 hours’ long-term sterilization.

Active oxygen [O] is continuously produced by cyclic chain reaction in water, and various high energy, high activity small molecule free radicals, new ecological atomic oxygen, oxygen free radicals are generated by chain reaction through high energy activator. Hypochloric acid [HCLO], hydroxyl radical [OH-], hydrogen peroxide [H2O2], sulfuric acid free radical [SO4−• ] and other active ingredients, maintaining long-term sterilization ability.

Coexistence of various active ingredients to kill viruses, fungi, Bacillus, etc.

Less affected by water quality.

Does not produce toxic and harmful carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic by-products.

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